Carlyon Bay

First, imagine travelling through the town that time forgot. It didn’t forget it during the time of the dinosaurs though. Nor even during the Middle Ages or Victorian times. It forgot it in the 70s when, Ian and Julia suspect, most of the current residents were in their 70s themselves.

(This might not be true. It’s just how it looks.)

Then you reach a car park which is quite a way from the beach. That’s okay when it’s a nice walk. It’s not okay when the walk is through a building site. It’s even less okay when, at the end of the walk through a building site, you reach what is basically a building site on a beach.

The bay is beautiful but utterly spoilt by the development and Ian and Julia weren’t at all optimistic that it would be much better once the development is finished. It’s too much. A great shame.

See the photos here.

See Carlyon Bay on a map.

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