In what is quite probably every paddler’s dream, Ian and Julia stayed in a beach hut at Tolcarne Beach, on the edge of Newquay. The accommodation was basic but when you’ve got the beach quite literally on your doorstep what do you really need? Somewhere to sleep and somewhere to sit, that’s all! (Also somewhere to have a wee, it’s true, and fortunately you didn’t have to go far for that.)

Tolcarne beach is pretty and the waves are incredible, roaring as the narrowing bay squeezes them together. The weather during our stay was incredible (for Britain during a school holiday) and the beach was quite busy, but in a nice way. And when you stay in a beach hut, you get to see the day-cycle of the beach. You wake up and it’s just you and the sand and the water and the sun. Then some keen people arrive to grab their spots for the day and the beach gradually fills up. You do, if you’re that way inclined (and Ian certainly was), get to feel a little smug that you have a special little part of the beach that is (temporarily) your own. Through the day you get to watch how girls line their towels up neatly and boys kind of drop them and then as evening approaches people drift off to have their tea and slowly you get the sand and the water and the setting sun to yourselves again.

Ian and Julia did rather like it.

Ian and Julia didn’t, however, like Newquay itself very much. Quite possibly they are several decades too old to fully appreciate its charms. But no matter how hard a town might try, it can’t undo the beauty of the coast.

See the photos here. (There are lots and they’re great.)

See Newquay on a map.

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