Ian and Julia are back with their paddling feet on after a bit of a break, with a trip to Cornwall. First stop, Porthcothan, which is a pretty little bay on the north coast. The beach is very deep (when the tide’s out) with lots of interesting rocks, nooks and crannies. There is lots of space and a lot of exploring opportunities. It’s the kind of place the Famous Five would have had a splendid adventure at. The waves are big and surfy. There is a tiny village with not a lot in the way of tourist facilities, which makes Porthcothan a lovely place.

This was Ian and Julia’s first Atlantic paddle. The Atlantic Ocean is very cold.

Ian had 2 scoops of Kelly’s Cornish ice-cream (butterscotch and honeycomb) and it was very tasty.

See the photos here.

See Porthcothan on a map.

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